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Project Abstract

Dumpong Biofuels is an NGO based in Ghana to develop and support small scale, community based biodiesel production.  Starting on July 2nd, 2007, a team from the United States traveled to Dumpong, Ghana, a small village near Aburi, to work with the Dumpong Pineapple Growers Cooperative to build a small processor to convert locally grown and extracted palm kernel oil into biodiesel to be used on the farm to power a generator that pumps drinking water and the farm's diesel trucks.

Within the first few days biodiesel was produced from locally extracted raw palm kernel oil.  Over 500 liters were produced the first week the processor was operational.

This website documents the efforts of the members of Dumpong Biofuels and tells their story.

The latest

  • Dumpong Biofuels is finishing up their support documents to be posted on this website
  • There are two more projects that Dumpong is actively pursuing - Water and Palm Kernel Processing

Key Milestones

  • July 2 - Group in Ghana - Assembled Processor
  • July 12 - Last two members left - Mission accomplished
  • August 10 - Frank reports that he has continued to make biodiesel.  He made 4 batches (220 liters) the past week. Frank has had a stream of visitors coming to see what he is doing; most of whom leave with a few liters of biodiesel to try in their own vehicles.

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